02 20, 2016


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MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR Hello again everyone! I hope you all are doing well and enjoying the great weather we have been having! Hopefully this warm weather is not [...]

11 27, 2015

Winter Edition 2015

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MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR Well, we finally made it thru the hot summer and are cruising into the Holiday season. Download PDF Newsletter

08 26, 2015

Lock and Key Fall 2015

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MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR Hello everyone! Well, it is al-ready late-August (seems like it was just New Years!) and Christmas is just barely 120 days away. Yikes! Time sure [...]

05 18, 2015

Lock and Key Summer 2015

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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE I am willing to bet most of us are familiar with the rioting back east by people protesting the shooting of criminal suspects. Download PDF Newsletter [...]